Join Us

The Mountain Partnership is open to membership from all sectors and includes not only governments, but also inter-governmental organizations and representatives of major groups (NGOs, research institutes, civil society groups) and the private sector , whose objectives and activities are consistent with the vision and mission of the Mountain Partnership, and who fulfil the criteria for membership.

The Partnership will only be effective if close collaboration is established between all these different groups, each of which has an important role to play.

Individuals cannot become members of the Mountain Partnership.

Criteria for membership

Criteria for membership of the Mountain Partnership include:

  • endorsement of the general principles, values and objectives of the Mountain Partnership;
  • active involvement in sustainable mountain development;
  • being a formal entity, with a proven level of stability in terms of funding and organizational capacity;
  • capacity to fulfil the membership roles and responsibilities, as defined by the Mountain Partnership in Governance and Strategy (2014-2017).

As the Mountain Partnership is a global network, it is also essential that members have access to the information and communication technologies required (e.g. computer, e-mail and Internet access) so as to participate effectively in Mountain Partnership activities, as well as access to resources within their group/organization to act as an active Partnership member.

How to join the Mountain Partnership

Those interested in joining the Mountain Partnership, should send a message to, indicating the activities of their country /group / organization in mountain development, their interests in joining the Partnership and intended contribution/s, as well as the name and e-mail address of a designated focal point and alternate/s.

In the interest of transparency and the full participation of all members, the Mountain Partnership Secretariat shares these membership applications with existing members for their information and review.

Once requests have been approved by the Mountain Partnership Secretariat, new members are sent a questionnaire. Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, an official welcome letter is sent by the Mountain Partnership Secretariat.