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The Mountain Partnership is a United Nations voluntary alliance of partners dedicated to improving the lives of mountain people and protecting mountain environments around the world. The partnership addresses the challenges facing mountain regions by tapping the wealth and diversity of resources, knowledge, information and expertise, from and between one another, in order to stimulate concrete initiatives at all levels that will ensure improved quality of life and environments in the world’s mountain regions. Currently, 51 governments, 16 intergovernmental organizations and 145 major groups (including groups from civil society, NGOs and the private sector) are members. Find out more...

Mountains and Climate Change: A Global Concern

Whether we live at sea level or higher, we are connected to mountains and affected by them in more ways than we can imagine. Mountains provide most of the world's freshwater, harbour a rich variety of plants and animals, and are home to one in ten people. Yet, each day, environmental degradation, the consequences of climate change, exploitative mining, armed conflict, poverty and hunger threaten the extraordinary web of life that the mountains support. Find out more in this video, which explains how mountains are especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Click also for versions in French, Spanish and...

Mountain Partnership now on Facebook

The Mountain Partnership now has a Facebook page: We'll be posting with the latest activities of Mountain Partnership members and with news from the world of sustainable mountain development as well as with publications, photos, facts and more.Please follow the page and feel free to share, comment and post news and photos.

Summary report of the 4th Global Meeting

The 4th Global Meeting of the Mountain Partnership (MP) took place at the Xanadu Snow White Hotel in Erzurum, Turkey from 17-19 September 2013. On 20 September participants went on a field trip to Uzundere, Ulubağ plateau and waterfall. During the meeting, participants addressed: the new Mountain Partnership Strategy and Governance; mountains in Rio+20 and the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); the Mountain Forum knowledge platform for sustainable mountain development; regional coordination mechanisms; and the selection of the Steering Committee. Thematic working groups considered how to put the Mountain Partnership into practice. Parallel regional meetings, Partnership Fairs...

Georgia conference envisions stronger mountain laws

The Mountain Regions Development Conference in Kazbegi, Georgia, is developing a conceptual vision that will be submitted to the Commission for Development of Mountainous Regions, who will deliberate whether to use it as a framework for legislation. These current efforts are grounded in the past. The Constitution of Georgia, states: "The state shall take care for the equal socio-economic development of the whole territory of the country. With the view of ensuring the socio-economic progress of the high mountain regions, special privileges shall be determined by law".  In 1999, the Georgian Parliament adopted a law on the social-economic and cultural development of...

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Chile announces national mountain committee

Chile announces national mountain committee

The Chilean Mountain Committee was created on 12 September 2014. Seven ministers and seven service chiefs signed a decree forming a working group, which will aim to advise diverse state institutions on strategies for the sustainable use of these ecosystems in Chile.

Some 65 percent of the Chilean territory...

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Landscape conservation and development in Myanmar

Landscape conservation and development in Myanmar

The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) with its partners has been engaged in developing transboundary landscapes applying an ecosystem approach. For this purpose, seven transboundary landscapes have been identified in the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region, and one of them is the Brahmaputra-Salween Landscape (BSL) in...

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India leader concerned about Himalayas and youth

India leader concerned about Himalayas and youth

A Member of India’s Parliament told a group gathered by  the Central Himalayan Environment Association (CHEA) on 13 September 2014 at Nainital, in the northwestern region of Uttarakhand, that the wellbeing of India depends on the wellbeing of the Himalayan Region. Efforts to save the environment, natural resources...

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